Jennifer Cassel

Jennifer Cassel is an ISSA-certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor. She started as a client of Chris’s back in 2015, and in 2016 she transitioned into becoming his office administrator. In April of 2017, she started her apprentice training to earn her certification, with Chris as her mentor.

Like Chris, Jennifer believes in changing lives through exercise too…not just as an occupation, but as her life’s calling. She teaches many of our group fitness classes, and like Chris, she sees Bell’s Bodies members as her family, and loves having them as a part of her life.

Jennifer understands people’s struggles with self-esteem issues, because she’s been there. And since she was a child, she has always wanted to be a teacher. With her current vocation teaching fitness classes, and helping people become the best version of themselves, she believes she’s truly found her calling.

Jennifer was born and raised in Collingswood, NJ, and currently lives in Oaklyn. She has four children, and when she isn’t working for Bell’s Bodies in some capacity, you can usually find her driving one or more children to sports practices and school events!