Our Mission

Bell’s Bodies was incorporated by Christopher Bell in 2009. Bell started the company after working for another fitness company for several years, because he wanted to change the way companies were offering fitness to people and do it his way. Our brick and mortar location closed in 2020 due to the pandemic, and we have pivoted to offering virtual personal and group training sessions. We have stayed a virtual fitness provider, but we’ve since expanded into offering in-home/in-person training.

Our motto is “Changing Lives Through Exercise”, and that’s what drives us every day. Chris and his team of instructors firmly believe in what we do, and in our ability to change your life too. We work hard to make your exercise fun, and we make it as close as possible to a professional standing right there with you.

Bell’s Bodies believes in philanthropy, and we encourage our members who love working out with us to participate in programs where we do our best to give back to the community. We gather our members for outings, nights out, and charitable works, and we hold exercise events to raise money for causes we believe in.

We treat our members like family and a tribe, and we’re welcoming to everyone. We get to know people on a personal level and share conversations with all of our members…we even encourage them through awards like “Rookie of The Year”, “Most Valuable Player” and more. Bell’s Bodies makes every effort to pay it back and beyond to our members who make the time and physical investment in their well-being.

In our virtual classes and one on one sessions, we’re live and talking with you. We tell you things you need to hear…hold your core tight, correct your foot movement, even monitor your breathing, and anything else we can help you with. And unlike an online exercise video, we keep you committed…a live class makes you show up!

Reach out to us today! We invite you to see for yourself what makes Bell’s Bodies’ tribe so dedicated, and how you can change YOUR life through exercise.